4.2 OSPFv2 over DMVPN Fuul Scale Lab 3

  • Configure the network so that IP traffic between the loopback0 of R15 and R15 does not traverse the hubs.
Can someone explain what this question is trying to accomplish? I seem confused by what they mean by traffic between loopback0 of R15 and R15.

Please do not refer to solution guide.



  • Maybe it's a typo...But the question needs to be clarified

  • I undertand... But loopback0 of R15 and R15 is on the same device. Maybe they meant loopback0 of R15 and R16 (the other spoke) then it makes sense and gives a hint as to what DMVPN phase we need to implement. This definitely looks to be a typo.


  • It a typo, i assumed that the question was to make direct communication from R15 to R16 (spokes)

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