Just to make other CCIE propects aware of CCIE HOME.


I am also preparing for CCIE COllaboration and had decided upon which training center i would join.


But few of my friends insisted my to join CCIE HOME mumbai as they were of good review for Arshad and Joaquim.


They have been trained under them and were full of praise for Arshad.


So i finally decided to join CCIE HOME mumbai, and i was shocked that i was alloted another trainer name Salman (youngest CCIE).


I assumed it could be that that Basics would be cleared by Salman and CCIE would be taken by Arshad or Joaquim.


As the bootcamp progressed i realized that it was salman himself who will be taking my training.


As we reached diaplan, the mask fell off. This guy had now clue what he was teaching. Salman only knew the solution for the lab but in real life dint knew why we use dialplan.


All my basic quesitons he was not able to answer and would always ignore it. Many a times i have heard him calling himself BAAP (Master of UC) . Huh, MASTER ?


one of the student passed and i heard salman bragging that that guy passed because of salman. I spoke to that passing guy told me honestly if you want to pass please speak to arshad or joaquim instead of salman.


I dint understand what he meant untill later.


SO i decided to ask salman few basic quesitons


WHat is VAD?


whats the difference between VOIP and POTS dialpeer?


WHats the difference between CME and CUCM?


And guess what, this BAAP (MASTER of UC) has no knowledge of anything. he dodge all this quesiotns telling me this is unecessary quesitons. 


And also overheard salman telling joaquim that this guy (thats me) is very annoying. If you cant answer my quesiton that means i am annoying.


Wow, i have paid money to CCIE HOME and salmn tells to so called Hepta CCIE's that i am annoying and ask irrelevant quesitons. I wish So called hepta ccies would have spoken to me instead.


I have seen salman claiming that he makes solution for SO now we know who is the owner of REal Labs.


Infact i have seen the word document on one of the POD and which i had used for practicing.



I have also seen Salman preparing cheat materials ( CLI config for Routers) and handing over to the students so they can refer them in exam.


Also heard that CCIE HOME students calling and using whatsapp during the CCIE LAB.


WOw if you wnt to be expert in Cheating then i would suggest CCIE HOME.


IF you want to be a dumpster then join CCIE HOME


But if you want to learn technology then join INE or COllabcert.



SO incase you have already enrolled with CCIE HOME and you trainer is Salman then i would better suggest you to ask for refund.


Soon i will share the Lab2 document which salman claims that he made that for





(Even though i have no knowledge in UC but i still call myself the master of UC)


  • Even Mark Snow recommends CollabCert of Vik Malhi [;)] 

    Hope this helps!

    Timothy Q. Manito

  • For real ? or just kidding?

    I based it on this [:)] 

    Hope this helps!

    Timothy Q. Manito

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    This is Salman Dhunna and i got this link from one of my student who is a fan of our institute and my ex-student.

    Let me review the complaint above and respond even though i am not here to respond to anyone such queries but someone has made the above post from my name so doing it which is again a official crime and due to which we have already punished one personality to Mumbai Crime Branch...

    CC to Mumbai Crime branch & Cyber Cell...

    First of all above post which is made by the user is made by the fake ids so i personally request you to revival his full information for further action.

    Second the I have done deployment of various projects so I think your question regarding POTS and VAD are of CCNA level.

    If you have really attempted lab exam then you should know that you cannot carry even a single piece of paper or any other material inside lab so there is no way of giving any sort of cheating material to anyone as you will never know what kind of troubleshoot will you get in lab exam so you need to study all in depth rather then trying to find a shortcut.

    If you have really enrolled for lab preparation then you can call me on my personal number and discuss all your queries. If you have other queries related to technology then feel free to reach me out anytime as I am into Designing and Implementation of UC and DC.

    Our company reached to number 1 now and there are lot of people can jealous which is very much normal.

    I have taken many corporate level and personal level trainings along with it I have done many deployments so I will be really glad if I can answer your queries.

    I request either you or the person who made the above post to revival from the original identity for further action hoping you website don't support the fake posts like above fake id.

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    Above user experience is valid. CCIE HOME is definitely not recommended. This was my experience too from a year back.

  • Arshad Dhunna and Joaquim Fernandez doesn't have any cause for concern towards student's welfare. I am a current student who has been removed from training session and study group after paying for the course. Reason is I complained about trainer Sancchit Puri's punctuality, knowledge on the subject and his CCIE credentials. Therefore both directors Arshad Dhunna and Joaquim Fernandez blocked me from answering my calls and whatsapp messages. They have absolutely no concerns for students. I have requested for course refund and there is no response. Please do no make the same mistake as I did joining this centre.

    Their trainer Sancchit Puri is NOT CCIE certifed 60681 as advertised. This has been verified by Cisco. Also his description of Origin bgp attribute self explains his knowledge in the subject. I am a current student in the CCIE-R&S track trained by Sancchit Puri. But he has removed me from the study group and training when I asked for doubts, questioned on his CCIE credentials and his punctuality. Other students have complaints too but they are scared they will be removed too from the study group. Calling directors Arshad Dhunna and Joaquim Fernandez is of no help, they have infact blocked me and therefore my calls doesn't get through. Since I am not living in Mumbai, they are getting away with this behavior. I have been requesting for a refund since I am not getting training but I am not getting through to anyone at the centre. I am happy to talk to anyone who are thinking to join the centre, I will narrate my nightmare experience. It is not worth it. I have transcripts of my discussion with them. I will give them as proof of their rude and aggressive behavior. Sancchit Puri flatly refuses to train whole course unless the students book for CCIE lab exam. Also Sancchit threatened me by saying that he knows my house address.

    Please refer to screenshots of my conversation with the centre...there are plenty more, this gives a gist of how they have handled my complaints.


  • I do not think people like Arshad Dhunna,Salman Dhunna and Joaquim belong to world of networking and are a big disgrace.These cheaters do not know what networking means and Salman Dhunna is someone not qualified to be a CCENT,i do not think he knows how IP addresses are structured and what is a subnet.Instead of trying to teach networking he should try his hand at unemployment.

  • CCIE is not a joke...all fake institutes and dumpsters are muddying the CCIE name.It is very unfortunate

  • I would like to add that Octa networks trainer Sancchit Puri was never at fault, and infact he was asked to follow what the incompetent management told him to do which is banning me from the classes. Sancchit Puri was apologetic and felt bad for the events and finding himself in an awful situation having to ban me from the classes eventhough he didn't wanted to. Therefore I would solely blame for things happened between me and Octa networks on directors Arshad Dhunna and Joaquim Fernandes.

  • Please note that out of the blue after 1.5 years on September 8, 2020, Octa networks trainer Sancchit Puri messaged me at 3AM asking me for a reason why am I dragging his name into this. I said he was the one who banned me from the classes. He agreed that his CCIE credential was fake. Please refer to screenshot below:

    He said he will pay me 40k to delete all the posts from the internet where I have mentioned his name. I did until I got 40k. But I told him he should talk to Octa directors to pay me compensation since I have lost a job, CCIE written is obsolete and I lost time, energy and money due to their despicable and deceitful behavior. Please note that many students passed lab only in their 3rd or 4th attempt from their sheer efforts and not through Octa training. Honestly their training is bullcrap. Sancchit would not want to take this up any further and therefore I need to document this for other's sake.


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