Manipulating ANI for callforwarding to work

Hello All,

I have a question on changing the calling party number in CME when calls are coming in from PSTN to office extn and forwarded back to PSTN.

The scenario is I am calling my colleague from PSTN to office Extn, my colleague wants to transfer the calls to his Mobile after 4 rings.  The issue is provider is saying the calls will work go out to PSTN from office only if the calls originate from specific ANI. Due to this calls are not transferred. I understand this is for security/fraud prevention but how to fulfill this requirement.

When I initiate the call from office Extn to PSTN it works fine as I have done the ANI transformation on the CME using the translation rule by matching the 4 digits and translating to the ANI how the service provider is expecting. The issue is for the calls coming from PSTN to office extn and forwarded back to PSTN.

For example, the ANI service porvider expecting is 47-404-XXXX.


  • Hi Viki,

    I think you are bound by the SP laws!!



  • Hi Oussama,

    Thank you for responding.

    yes, I tried to manipulate the ANI to make the call forwarding but it did not work as I expected. Instead of that I tried using SNR as an alternative option. If you are interested, here is my SNR config to make it work. The command " snr calling-number local" is important piece to make the ANI as the Calling party EPNM (External Phone Number Mask).

    ephone-dn  5  dual-line

     number XXXX

     snr calling-number local

     snr [Mobile Number] delay 10 timeout 24 cfwd-noan 500

     snr ring-stop

     call-forward noan 500 timeout 24


    ephone  5

    feature-button 2 Mobility


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