Passed R&S Brussels 4/2/2016

Passed the R&S - 3 years after starting, its finally over!


Brussels has 2 generously sized screens for everyone (24" maybe? no less than 22") - what a difference.

Keyboard is now a DELL but still US layout - practiced on 3COM K210 was more than adequate to prepare me for using it (I'm from the UK and we have different enter/return key and "|" key - big deal!)

They are now using VDI for the machines you work on - not sure if it was the lunchtime rush or some other issue but for an hour the whole thing slowed down to a crawl - typed a word, it appears 2 seconds later. Nightmate, but recovered and did well.

Diag was interesting - totally different scenarios from any I had seen previously! Maybe me worry after that I hadn't passed that section.

Tshoot - was done in 1.5 hrs and 30 mins to check.

Config - finished with an hour spare - despite the delay - and caught a few mistakes in review. One problem still eluded me and will look it up later.

I never thought it was possible to finish any of the sections with time to spare! I also have a sneaking suspicion that if I had finished troubleshooting early I could have ought MORE time on the config thatn 5.5 hrs. Never tested this hypothesis though.


Think I'lll be a single CCIE guy - the thought of doing that all again makes me feel ill :)


51884 - so f'ing glad to be here.


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