Hi all,

Hope you can help.  I am starting my preparations for CCIE SPv4 after successfully passing CCIE RSv5 thanks to INE and WEB-IOU.

Now that I am on the SPv4 path, I have purchased the INE SPv4 WB and trying to follow using the topologies.


I have gone out and also purchased VIRL, a large 12 core/48GB RAM server and not having much luck.  I have installed VIRL as per instructions, used the VIRL configuration files supplied by the WB, didn't require the FLAT additional configuration as per the WB as it was already in place... however... I cannot telnet onto ANY device as BRIAN does in the videos or as per expectation when I run the simulation.

I have even got to the point that I am now looking at using individual VMs in VM Workstation, but the interface vnics don't seem to play nicely with sticking with the interfaces on the virtual routers - i.e. on reboot, it sometimes unlinks the interfaces and any configuration doesn't work and have to reset the interfaces, get a new mac within VMW and restart.

Effectively, so far, I have spend 3 weeks messing around trying to get a stable lab instead of concentrating on the lab workbook itself.

My preference is obviously VIRL.  The VIRL lab boots fine (after a while) but cannot access *any* of the routers... therefore pointless!

Has anyone else had the issues with VIRL for the SPV4 lab work?  HELP!!

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