Question about Task 2.4 Etherchannel from Vol 3 lab 1.

The question asks to configure two logical layer 3 connections using PAgP to negotiate the connections. The solution shows that both ends were configured with the option desirable on the channel-group. My question is what if i configured desirable one end, while auto on the other? 

I am not trying to be a stickler, just curious to
see my configuration would still entail points for me rather then a big
fat 0.I didnt see a note in the solutions guide mentioning the auto/desirable option as a valid solution.


Per the Doc Cd:

Ports can form an EtherChannel when they are in different PAgP modes as long as the modes are compatible. For example:

imageA port in the desirable mode can form an EtherChannel with another port that is in the desirable or auto mode.

imageA port in the auto mode can form an EtherChannel with another port in the desirable mode.


So looking back at the doc cd i would assume that if i configured auto on one end and desirable on the other, the configuration would still work and points would

be fully awarded since the configuration is valid.


Kind Regards.


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