VPLS on CSR 1000V


I know from the Brian's CCIE SP videos that CSR 100V dataplane for VPLS works, I did setup a simple lab just to test it out, but for some reason the dataplane of mine isn't working.



l2vpn vfi context VPLS_200
  vpn id 200
  member encapsulation mpls

bridge-domain 200
  member GigabitEthernet3 service-instance 200
  member vfi VPLS_200


R1 - tshoot:

R1#show vfi

Legend: RT=Route-target, S=Split-horizon, Y=Yes, N=No

VFI name: VPLS_200, state: up, type: multipoint, signaling: LDP

  VPN ID: 200

  Bridge-Domain 200 attachment circuits:

  Neighbors connected via pseudowires:

  Peer Address     VC ID        S        200          Y

R1#show mpls l2transport vc

Local intf     Local circuit              Dest address    VC ID      Status

-------------  -------------------------- --------------- ---------- ----------

VFI VPLS_200   vfi                     200        UP

R1#show bridge-domain

Bridge-domain 200 (4 ports in all)

State: UP                    Mac learning: Enabled

Aging-Timer: 300 second(s)

    GigabitEthernet3 service instance 200

    vfi VPLS_200 neighbor 200

   AED MAC address    Policy  Tag       Age  Pseudoport

   0   000C.299F.0D3F forward dynamic   299  VPLS_200.1004017

   0   000C.29DA.415F forward dynamic   300  GigabitEthernet3.EFP200

   {no FFFF flooding}

If anybody knows for sure why this isn't working, or maybe CSRv supports only the control-plane

Thank you in advance,


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