Booting stops mid way while logging in CSR1000v and IOSxrv devices - CCIE SPV4 Topology

I'm running VIRL on VMware Workstation Pro. I'm using Windows 10 laptop, with i7 processor and 32 Gig of RAM.

CCIE SPV4 topology is successfully launched in VMmastero.

Issue occurs only while trying to login the devices after SPV4 topology is launched.

While logging into CSR1000v device , "Unsupported low capacity eUSB detected in VXE board" appears.

And, I get "This (D)RP Node is not ready or active for login/configuration" in IOSxrv device bootup.

System freezes after the above messages popup. Could you suggest way to come out of this?

CRS1000v and IOSxrv devices could be logged in, while using their original flavors in sample topologies.

I've assigned 32G of RAM to VIRL VM. During this time only VMMastero runs in parallel.

Reducing the VIRL VM memory to 30G has no impact.
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