question about VTP Config Revision number


hello everyone,

In a VTP example from lecture number= 40


VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP)

into this example :-

sw-2#show vtp status

and you see into this picture we`ve into that sw-2 :

configuration revision = 0

Number of existing VLANS = 24

The video presenter stated that any deletions or creations to any other vlans into server mode , would cause the configuration revision to increment by 1

so why this number into this example = 0 ???



  • Even if a VTP server has a number of existing VLANs (and a non-zero Configuration Revision number) that Config-Rev number will be reset to zero if the VTP Domain name is changed.

    I suspect that is what happened in that video.  Although 24-VLANs are present, with a Config-Rev of zero (and VTP Mode of Server) it could only mean that this switch recently had its VTP Domain Name modified.

  • Hi Martinl

    The Configuration Number will change even if you edit the name of a vlan

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