4.10 RIP Filtering RS-Vol2-Lab2

The solution kinds sucks if you happen to be using an even numbered rack. Ya know what I mean?


distance 255 BB3-EVENS

ip access-list standard BB3-EVENS


  • Other variant:

    router rip
      offset-list FILTER in 16 Vlan783
    ip access-list standard FILTER


  • Hi Guys,  id dont if it is because my native language is not english, but i dont understand the task.

    Could you help me to understand it?

    TASK: "

    Configure SW1 so that it does not accept routes with an even second

    octet from BB3





  • Horacio:

    Basically you are being asked to filter routes in the second octet from BB3.

    I always like to ask the opposite question when I have problems interpreting a requirement. In this case - Configure SW1 so that it accepts routes with an ODD second octet from BB3.

    This requirement is testing your ability to write an ACL / wild card mask that will allow ODD or block EVEN numbered routes. The least significant bit determines if the route is an even or odd route. The easiest way to do this is to remember that if the least significant bit is set then the route is an odd numbered route. If the least significant bit is not set then the route is considered an even route.

    If you need more clarification please let me know.


  • Hi Larry,

     thanks, now i know what is an even number or odd number ...




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