How to script a query to cucm-uds for userid


i am not expert in scripting but i have an idea on the logic I am trying to achieve, I have not found anyone that has implemented this and I am having difficulty.

For a service desk application, the request is to have the incoming call pop up in Remedy. The agents use CAD on UCCX 9.0.2. I have a functional script already that I would like to add a query to UDS on CUCM for the userID. I have created the CAD workflows to launch the Remedy ticket successfully on ringing action for agent but just inserting ther userID statically in the workflow.

Script logic is first use get call contact info step for the ANI. Then use the ANI to build url and query UDS for userid. Convert the URL to XML and extract the userid. Build the enterprise call data with the userid and use it to launch remedy incident.

Get Call Contact Info -- Triggering Contact--, Calling Number

Set userdirectory = udsURL + CallingNumber

udsDocument = Create URL Document (userDirectory)

udsDocument = Create XML Document (udsDocument) - this step fails and does not build XML document properly it gets all messed up.


Anyone expert at building this way or suggest a better way? Any help will be appreciated. I have a short day to prove this works :)





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