Intra Cluster Server Selection

Dear all,

I have been troubleshooting a phone's behaviuor and I found out something interesting.


I have a phone with2 DNs.

DN1 and DN2.

Each DNs has its own CSS: CSS1 and CSS2.


I also have a Route Pattern 123.XXXX belonging to PartitionA.

Partition A is inside both CSS1 and CSS2.

The route pattern is sending the call to an H.323 GK controller Trunk specified directly inside the Route Pattern (No Route List)


The Phone is register to the Publisher, and the Subscriber is just the backup.


Behaviuor Description

What I noticed is:

If I dial 123.XXXX From DN1, the trunk is setup by the Publisher, which is where the phone is registered to.

If I dial 123.XXXX From DN2, the trunk is established by the Subscriber.



My question is, what is influhencing which Server (Pub or Sub) is setting up the Trunk? Shouldnt it always be the Publisher, being the server the phone is registered to?

Please note that the Trunk doesnt belong to a Route List, but it's configured directly under the Route Pattern and the Device Pool of the Trunk is again specifing Publisher First and Subscriber second.

Is there an aspect that I am missing? I can't explain to myself what is making the second DN go out from the Subscriber.


Many thanks,




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