Intra Cluster Server Selection

Dear All,

I would like to ask what particular  server, in a cluster, is in charge of setting up the h323 trunk on behalf of a phone, towards another cluster.

I have one device whose Device-Pool is pointing to the publisher first and then the subscriber.

When calling from the first DN on the same phone, the trunk is setup by the publisher, as it's supposed to be, but when I call from the other DN configured on the same phone, the trunk is established by the subscriber.

Let me tell you that the route-pattern that I am matching has the partition specified in the CSS of both DNs (They have different CSS assigned).

The Trunk is directly assigned to the Route Pattern and the Device Pool of the Trunk is configured with the Publisher first and the Subscriber after.

What is the criteria that would make the second DN trigger the Subscriber, rather than the publisher as I would expect?


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