Which images do I use for INE workbook?

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could you please tell me Which images do I use for INE workbook (both Router/Switch)?




  • INE WBs are based on CSR1000v image, which is free from cisco.  you would need ESX server from vmware; some others have use CSR image on vmware workstation if u have high-end PC.

    Other lab set-ups are based on IOU and/or GNS3. Cisco has CCIE Lab builder, and VIRL for labbing

    CCIE RS lab is based on IOS 15.3.T and 15.0 SE for switching

    some more info is on CLN:

    "Candidates who want to prepare using their own hardware-based labs
    can use the following equipment and Cisco IOS Software Releases:

    • Cisco ISR 2900 Series routers running IOS version 15.3T Universal Software release
    • Catalyst 3560X Series switches running IOS version 15.0SE Universal (IP Services) Software release

     Any other hardware platform that can run equivalent Cisco IOS Software Release 15.3T or 15.0SE may be used as well.

    that older equipment platforms and Cisco IOS Software Releases may be
    used to learn and practice a significant portion of the exam curriculum."

    source: https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/community/certifications/ccie_routing_switching/lab_exam_v5/study-material

  • is CSR1000v also used in CCNA?

    Hope this helps!

    Timothy Q. Manito

  • The CCNA and CCNP (R&S) Lab Workbooks were built based on the assumption that a learner is using our rack rentals to rent time on our CCNA/CCNP Racks.  Those racks do not use any virtual equipment (CSRs or IOU).

    Here is a listing of the equipment and software currently in use on those racks:

    • Cisco Catalyst 3560 switches: c3560-ipservicesk9-mz.122-55.SE9.bin
    • Cisco 2811 Routers: c2800nm-adventerprisek9-mz.153-3.XB12.bin
    • Cisco 1841 Routers: c1841-adventerprisek9-mz.153-3.XB12.bin

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  • Hi! kbogart, Thank you very much - i really appreciate your help. Now I got it.



    Redmi Ginx[:D]

  • Hi! Martinl, first of all, thank you very much. You always make everything clear & very detail. now I got it.


    Redmi Ginx[:D]

  • Noted with many thanks. Bros!

  • Officially Cisco switched L3/l2 switches to IOS 15.x as well. but u can
    still use 12.2 if study for CCNA; just read topics on licenses and
    versions of 15 code.   12.x not good for CCNP and above.

  • Unfortunately our CCNA/CCNP racks only contain the POE-version of the 3560s...which only have 16Mb of Flash.  There is no way to upgrade that memory on these switches (it is internal in the chassis), and all of the supported 15.x versions require a minimum of 32Mb of Flash.

    Since we don't have any plans to upgrade these switches to a different model, I guess we're stuck with 12.2 code.

    On the brighter side...I've been able to practice every single CCNP topic I can think of on these racks and have never been limited by this code on the switches.

    Please let all of us know if there are any 15.x-unique features that one must know about (and be able to practice) on the switches.


  • Hi there,

    Could you please help me find this IOS Image file for a 2811 Router: c2800nm-adventerprisek9-mz.153-3.XB12.bin

    It is not available from the Cisco website, but I know that it is out there.

    Could you please chare that IOS with me?

    I hope you can. 



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