Things to do while we await the v4 materials going final.

Hello everyone, in the middle of summer INE had posted on their SPv4 video series a
completion date of "End of August 2015".  The workbook was also
supposed to be finished in/around the same time.  In talking with INE
sales around the middle of September I was told there was a delay and to keep
an eye out for the new materials. I had just finished the SPv3 ATC videos and
ran through the entire work book so I decided to take a 2 week break from
studying.  That has now turned into a 6 week break as I’m eagerly awaiting
the new materials so i can try to target an spring 2016 lab attempt.

I am seeing a large number of posts on the IEOC and other CCIE forums where
people are starting to grow restless.  I am going to try and remediate
that with some stop gaps while we wait for new materials. 

I have compiled
a list of materials in hopes to help everyone:

1. VIRL - - 150$/year

2. Routing Bits CCIE SP book - -
99$ While this book is version 3 it’s still a fantastic purchase and
when/if he updates you should get the free version upgrade.

3. INE Version 3 ATC SP Videos - nearly 90% of it has to carry over, and
even that 10% you may not get tested on could help with the written or your
daily job.

4. INE Version 3 Workbook - fantastic workbook, I’ve run through it twice in
an effort to stay sharp in the SP space.

5. Metro Ethernet Forum CECP v2.0 Intro:
- Free with Kindle Unlimited (don’t know what that means), Free to borrow on
kindle if you have amazon prime (no idea what “borrow” means), I purchased the
32$ version so I can write in it as I take notes.

6. Cisco Live Presentations for SP related topics (all you have to do is
create a free account):

A: BRKMPL-2333 - E-VPN & PBB-EVPN: the Next Generation of MPLS-based
L2VPN (2015 San Diego) -

B: BRKMPL-2101 - Deploying MPLS-based Layer 2 Virtual Private Networks (2015
San Diego) -

C: BRKMPL-2100 - Deploying MPLS Traffic Engineering (2015 San Diego) -

there are a ton more of these im just linking some that are relative
to the CCIE-SP track.

7. INE Version 4 ATC SP videos and workbook - while both are not complete
and I have not personally run through either of these yet if you are itching
for something to do it really can’t hurt you.

8. - there is a good
number of people working on the CCIE-SP track that post in that
sub-reddit.  The CCIE-SP posts tend to
come and go in bunches but I try to check in once a week to see if anything is
going on.

9. Lastly, and I may face some scrutiny on this, if you are done with
everything above and still waiting on v4 materials you can reach out to Narbik's team and they will sell you the CCIE-SP
version 3 materials for 50% off while they are developing their v4 materials.

As always I hope this helps everyone fill the void and not
give up on this track while we wait the finalization of the INE materials.


  • This is really helpful, thanks! btw I received an e-mail that contains that INE will continue the ATC series this month from Nov. 30 to Dec. 2

    Hope this helps!

    Timothy Q. Manito

  • JoeMJoeM ✭✭✭

    Very nice, Nate!   Thanks for the outline.   Maybe update this with anything more you find.

    For a few months now, I have not been very focused with my studies.  This outline will be very helpful.   Very much appreciated.  I am making this a favorite post -- sort of a sticky post.  ;-)

  • I am also waiting for the CCIE SP v4 workbooks to be completed. We are almost in 2016, so I hope that SPv4 material will soon be completed.


  • SP V4 ATC videos have released!! woohoo!

  • When will INE complete the workbook? I saw they updated the LISP part but the diagram that they are using is still the V3.

  • tmanitotmanito ✭✭✭

    My guess would be after Brian completed the SPv4 ATC videos


    Hope this helps!

    Timothy Q. Manito

  • But are the ATC videos not completed?

  • tmanitotmanito ✭✭✭

    But are the ATC videos not completed?

    I believe it is not, based on this they indicate that there will more live sessions for this course. I'll also contact INE if it is already done or not, sorry for not being 100% sure.


    Hope this helps!

    Timothy Q. Manito

  • I mean that the following topics are missing on ATC:


    • Ethernet VPN (EVPN)
    • Provider Backbone Bridging EVPN (PBB-EVPN)
    • Multicast Label Distribution Protocol (mLDP)
    • mGRE VPN
    • IPv6 NAT44/NAT64/6RD
    • MPLS OAM & Ethernet OAM
  • tmanitotmanito ✭✭✭

    I mean that the following topics are missing on ATC:


    • Ethernet VPN (EVPN)
    • Provider Backbone Bridging EVPN (PBB-EVPN)
    • Multicast Label Distribution Protocol (mLDP)
    • mGRE VPN
    • IPv6 NAT44/NAT64/6RD
    • MPLS OAM & Ethernet OAM

    Oh, sorry I completely misunderstood your question. I'll post the reply of the INE Support/Sales Team regarding if the ATC for SPv4 is completed. Hopefully it is not yet completed and Brian will do more videos for it. Happy New Year Aitaseller! [:)]


    Hope this helps!

    Timothy Q. Manito

  • tmanitotmanito ✭✭✭

    This is the reply of the Support Team:

    Thank you for contacting INE. The SPv4 ATC is 99% completed. The instructor will be adding one additional module to the course over the coming weeks. Please let me know if I can assist further.

    I ask if what she meant by one additional module and her reply was: 

    It should be just 1 or 2 additional videos. The instructor experienced a technical error with the racks on the final live recording date of the course, which prevented him from completing 100%. The missing content should be uploaded within a few weeks.




    Hope this helps!

    Timothy Q. Manito

  • Not sure how can they say 99% completed. The video for the v3 are much much more compared from the one that we have in V4 so far.

  • OK, i think its time this is put out there for everyone in the CCIE-SP IEOC forums.

    I realize that this track of all the CCIE tracks is the red headed step child and i realize that there is a lack of real information tailored directly to it. BUT this does not mean we should all sit here and be negative and continue to want answers/deadlines from INE.  As we know this was supposed to be done in Sept 15 and now its months beyond that. 

    I am in no way/shape/form an employee/paid person of INE, that being said, lets start to complie our own data for this track to help each other.  I know the DOC-CD is bland but at the moment its the best thing we have to get the ball rolling.  Lets start to pinpoint topics that are not covered very well in the ATC videos and Workbook and start to compile information and build VIRL tasks using the INE topology to help each other study.

    Anyone have any other ideas to add as i have been losing real study momentum since about october and its much easier to just keep saying in my head "ill start when the videos and workbook are completed" vs doing something.


    EDIT: since starting on this track last summer i want to say i see about 15-20 people in and out of this forum and the IEOC CCIE-SP technical forums, spread the word around and lets use one of these two forums to post our content to help each other get the momentum moving.

  • im going to take the lack of response as no one cares OR everyone just wants people to do the work for them.

    gl in your studies.

  • Hi,


    I think it is really bad that there are no answers in this forum from INE team. There are so much lack of information regarding the CCIE SPv4.

    For example as Liz Cacic (CCIE Service Provider EPM) said: "At the moment there are many limitations on VIRL, mainly regards to Layer 2 technologies such as VPLS and technologies deployed based on ASICs. There are plans for future VIRL versions to address those limitations. As for now, to study those technologies for who are preparing for CCIE SP lab you will need a real hardware to practice those technologies: VPLS, H-VPLS, etc." 

    So my question to INE is: "will rack rental be available for INE CCIE v4?" If yes, when?

    When will the workooks be finished 100%?

    When will the videos be finished 100%?

    iP expert has a clear plan regarding the release of the workbooks and videos. They also have rack Rental based on v4. So come on INE, please answer our questions.


  • Hi Aitaseller


    I emailed the sales team but I did not get any answer about when the workbook will be completed.


    Regarding the issue with VIRL, have you tried to run the LAB on ESXI server?



  • has anyone emailed Brian directly to ask these questions?  I can only imagine he will have a large hand in the completion of the workbook/videos and maybe even getting the racks reconfigured.

  • Yes, I have sent an e-mail but there is no answers.

  • Plus one, IP Expert has a comprehensive table of content on the topics they plan to cover. For INE, the sales team mentioned in am email that the ATC is 99% completed, and I am not even sure what remaining topics INE plans to cover or not.

    I have never used another vendor to prepare for a CCIE cert, and i wouldn't want to start now. (Fingers crossed). BTW I had to start some Juniper certs while waiting.


  • has released Lab 2 demo. If anyone is preparing for the CCIE SP Lab and willing for GB, please pm me or add me on skype "live:kc.ganesh000"

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