I am configuring two routers, both interfaces are non-broadcast. neighbor command is stated, and they formed adjacency.

but when I tried to configure neighbor "IP" cost "value", I received this error (on both sides):

*Oct 18 09:51:10.410: %OSPF-4-CFG_NBR_DEFAULT_OPT_ON_NBMA: GigabitEthernet1.246, Configured neighbor - Ignore incompatible configured options, use default. Allowed options on NBMA interfaces are poll-interval and priority


although command: neighbor "IP" cost "value"  it can only be configured on NBMA networks as IOS mentioned why I tried to insert it on P2P or Broadcast networks type:

Oct 18 10:07:25.872: %OSPF-4-CFG_NBR_INVALID_NET_TYPE: Can not use configured neighbor on GigabitEthernet1.567. Neighbor command only allowed on NBMA and P2MP networks


my concern is only about first error!! what does it mean exactly !!


BTW, I am using CSR 1000v.



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