Advanced Technology LABs- Initial configuration

Hi Experts,

I have installed IOU software matching with INE Topology. I wanted to check how I can download initial configurations for each lab from INE Work book so that I can setup my IOU Lab before starting each advanced Technology. For example, when I want to do EIGRP labs while I was using Rack Rental, I had an option to upload "EIGRP Initial configuration". when I was going furthur, I was uploading another pre configuration related to EIGRP through Rack rental control panel before starting the lab.

My question is that how I can download those pre configurations so that I can use them in my IOU. I checked INE website and in "Work book" overview section, they have pre-configuration for all devices which is really general and not matching with each Advanced technology lab topic. could you please let me know if there is any other areas that I should look.





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