RIPv2 Reliable Conditional Default Routing - Redistribute Static

Would a track on a default static route as well a a redistribute static be an accepted solution?


ip sla 1


 frequency 5

ip sla schedule 1 life forever start-time now

track 1 ip sla 1

ip route Null0 track 1

router rip

 redistribute static


  • Hi Cosmicmac, Martinl and All,

    Good question.  Not sure of answer.  Following my 2cents:

    Looking at RSv5 workbook,

    "Configure R1 to originate a default route"

    is the first requirement.  "originate", I'm guessing, is a hint that they want one to use the command "default-information originate" within RIP.  They want RIP to originate a default route and not from some other routing protocol.  A static, default route to null0, then "static" is originating the default route(?)

    For real world, you usually want a discard route in local table to cover any summarized route or default route generated.  

    To affect the local route table as little as possible, they are using a static route for which data traffic is not expected.  169.254/16 is link local traffic and should not be routed; so, routing to null0 has no harmful effect.

    Looks like a proctor question to me.  If they say no static routes, my take is no static routes.//RandyB

    Hey experts please chime in.  Is the above correct or not?

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