UKNP(GBNP) vs own RoutePatterns

Hi folks,

I am designing a CUCM cluster for our client in the UK and can't figure out if I should use UK Numbering Plan or go with my common style - that is creating all the RPs/TPs manually. This cluster will spread 6 servers (1xPUB; 3xSUB; 2xCUCx) across 3 sites and will serve 200 shops across the UK only.

I would like to understand which solution (Numbering Plan Vs Manually created Dial Plan) would be good and why in thsi specific scenario. If you have further questions to understand the environment/design, please let me know.

Many thanks.






  • This won't apply specifically to the UK, but generally speaking you'd factor in maintainability in with deployment time. In this case, manual means more flexibility and much more granular control. If you'll be handling the tier 1/2 ops, then you'll be maintaining it as well. If not, you'll have to document (not general docs which you should do either way, but training docs) and potentially train the ops folks. This same thought process of designing with your Operations team in mind, is why MGCP is still heavily in use, even though you'll probably cringe a bit as you're deploying it.

    For what it's worth, I stopped using @ myself back in 2005ish but still see it from time to time.

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