Replacement Phone models for CCIE Collaboration LAB

Hi All,


cany any  one recommend what other phone models can i use as replacement for 7962,7961 and 9971 .

for example i have 9972 and 7960 . can i use them and still achive lab tasks.

please reply if you got an experience playing with other models . this will save me heaps of money as refurbished phones here in australia aren't cheap






  • Hi mahesh,


    A ccording to Mark Snow's lectures, You can use 7962(6 lines), 7941(only 2 lines) or 7961(ILBC no supported).

    Replacement for 9971 is 9951. Both have camera but 9971 is touch screen 9951 not. I wouldn't advocate 7960. You are not gonna able to test even blf speed dial. 

  • Hi Salman,

    many thanks for taking time to reply . thats a valuable information and saved heaps of money. i have seen you hae joined recently in the community are you studying for ccie colloboration .


    do you have experience with doing labs using layer 2 tunneling . whats your review ?





  • Yes I am  studying for Collaboration. Unfortunately I couldn;t find proper configs for L2 tunneling. I have built my own rack. I have 1 2911, 3 2811, 3 9971, 2 7965, 1 7975, 1 3560,  server with 64 GB Ram for ESXI. I am using drect connections from My lab to IP phones. If you are interested in I can wite ful details of my lab. Most parts I have bought from ebay. 

  • sure mate , that would be really good to know . please provide me the details of the lab when you are free , no rush on this

    you can email me on [email protected]



  • Ok mate. Nowadays is holiday in my country. I will send an email on Monday. My lab located in our Company. 

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