INE Course Instructors

Despite the stereotypes we
know that Network Engineers are creative individuals with great people
skills.  INE is looking for people who
never stop learning, to never stop teaching. We are looking for talented individuals
to propose AND execute new courses across multiple domains including:
networking, programming, systems administration, security & more. If you're
an expert in any of these domains or related topics, then it's time to put
those strong organization and planning skills to work!


How does it

Once we've reviewed your
application we will ask for a short video where you flaunt your networking
prowess. We want to see your teaching style, and understand just how well you
know the material. Seriously, teach us a lesson! Afterwards, one of our
knowledgeable and fastidious Production Specialists will help you produce high
quality content from the comfort of your own home. After your content is
processed, it's time to go live! This means your course will be added to the 100+
courses in our All Access Pass library where it will be promptly featured as a
new course.


What's in it for

ROYALTIES! If you're self-motivated to produce a great course, you can only
reap the benefits. Earning potential is in part based on the total number of
All Access Pass subscribers combined with the percentage of views your course,
or courses have relative to the other courses in the library. Top authors can
expect to earn upwards of $30,000 to $40,000 for a popular course per year. If
a course's lifespan is 3 or 4 years then a single course could generate


If this is an opportunity
for you, visit to get started!

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