[SOLVED] UCS v2.2x - vNIC pinned fabric A/B

Hello guys!


I was wondering... When you create a vNIC, you have the option to create it pinned to fabric A or B and enable failover.


I came across an enviroment which was born without the second IOM on the chassis, so they created two vNICs both pinned to fabric A. Now we're adding a second IOM and I have to change the configuration of the second vNIC to point to fabric B. And to my surprise we need to reboot the blade/service profile to make that change. WHY!?! This boot seems unecessary to me... 

Does anybody knows what happens behind the scenes when this change is applied?







After some digging I realized that between the mezaninne cards on each blade and the backplane of the chassis there some port-channels that are formed. And these port-channels are configured during boot time of each blade. So that's why a boot is required.

Mark talks about this on the UCS video "LAN Connectivity Part 2" by the 27min ish.

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