Advice for a noob

Hello to everybody.

I am currently planning a career change to become a network engineer. I started from very basic certifications in order to build a foundation. So far I have sat for the Comtpia A+, Cisco CCNA R/S and I am currently studying to take the CCNA Security.

Since I enjoy securiy, I was wondering if it was too premature to start taking certifications related to major firewalls and security to help me to land any entry role.

CCNP (R/S): my next track after this CCNA Sec

CCNP Sec: to be completed as soonas I finish CCNP R/S. I hope by February 2015

CSSA CheckPoint //One of the most important firewall on the market I think

CISSP //for learning about security policies, incident handling, compliance with government and local regulations

Juniper //A lot requests for the role of Network Security

Palo Alto //A lot requests for the role of Network Security

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards.


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