Full Scale Lab 2 - DMVPN and BGP filter

Hello guys,


Has anyone experienced issues with the DMVPN config at step 6.1 in Full Scale Lab 2?


The requirement is easy "Configure two DMVPN tunnels for sites X, Y and Z to reach Site W".


The only issue is that at step 5.2 the requirement was "Configure R18 so that transit traffic between ISP A and B is denied. Use AS-Path..."


Sites Y and Z (connected to ISPB) go through R18 to get to Site W (connected to ISPA), which makes it transit traffic, therefore for the DMVPN config the sites Y and Z won't be able to reach site W.


I had to modify the route-map at step 5.2 to allow the NBMA addresses for all sites (R16, R17, R19 and R20) to be permitted by R18 so the sites can establish DMVPN tunnels. Is this the right thing to do? In the exam, would step 5.2 be considered incomplete because now we have transit traffic between ISPs?

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