How to convert communities

I'm reading the Practical BGP book, and it shows an example of the below where the router is not using the #ip bgp-community new-format command. So when you put in the community 200:666 (as shown below), it coverts it to decimal and gets 13107866. Can someone tell me how to solve the maths on this please? I want to know how to go from 200:666 and reach 13107866. I would also want to know how to do it the other way around.


router(config)#ip community-list 1 permit 200:666

router#sh ip community-list 1

Community standard list 1

permit 13107866


Edit: I may have figured this out. So it's 2 bytes for each number right? If I convert them to binary and make them one big string?

So the numbers in the first left brackets = 200, and the second brackets = 666. 


Then I bung this entire 32 character number into the scientific calculator as binary and convert it to dec. = 13107866. Done


  • That's correct


    You need to convert the both values from decimal to binary. Then fill the 1 byte (<255) values with 00000000 so it's a 2 byte value. After that you can combine it as a 4 byte value and convert them back to decimal.


    Decimal to binary conversion

    200: 1001000 -> 2byte 000000001001000

    666: 0000001010011010


    Combine them and convert to decimal again

    0000000010010000000001010011010 = 13107866

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