EIGRP Summary-metric

Hi Everyone,

I have a situation in EIGRP, where I have used the summary-address command  and the resulting summary route to Null0 has been added.

The problem, is that this Null0 route is a better match than my already existing default route and hence packets are dropped.


Is there a way to advertise the summary to the neighbor without installing the Null0 route?



P.S My first post on any forum, so kindly excuse any errors.




  • This is the no discard-route option for OSPF, but it does not exist in EIGRP.

    In EIGRP you can set the metric to 255 of the summary, but it might not be advertised to the neighbor anymore if you configure this.

    So it is not a straightforward solution and require other configurations like that there is a more specific route.

  • Thanks Marten. Guess I'll have to leak the specific route in that case.

    Thanks again.

  • You have the following solutions, in the order of preference:

    - increase the AD of the EIGRP summary from the default of 5 to a value which is higher than the protocol you learn the default route from:

    summary-metric distance 240

    - send more specific summaries, like, 192.1680.0/16, etc

    - redistribute the default route into EIGRP and configure route filtering in EIGRP to advertise out only the default route.



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