Using Tokens for Different Track Rental

Hi guys

Ive been using INE for quite some time now, and I ran into something that seemed abit awkward.

I had registered a while back to the CCIE RS bundles while taking the bootcamp as well. Recently, I have had the need to rent racks within SP/DC (needed to lab on XR and nexus), and I wasn't able to do that. After raising a ticket, I was told that I need to purchase a DC bundle to be able to use my rack rental tokens on a DC rack?

While this is suprising, I'd really be interested if you guys can reverse that policy. We as network engineers deal with large topologies and sometimes we need to lab out new scenarios/options/... and the INE rack rentals is definitely the ideal place to do so. 

Any views on the matter? Would it be possible to use our tokens on rack rentals from different tracks? That would definitely be an awesome perk instead of limiting us to one track with out tokens?

Would like to hear the community opinion about it as well as INE? 

Cheers guys


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