MP-BGP Prefix Filtering



in WB v5 in this lab "MP-BGP Prefix Filtering"


I do not understand how the Lo101 got filtered if they are permitted in ACL as well as route-map?


can someone please explain it to me ?




  • .  <br /><br />Since Lo101 has an export-target of 100:55 opposed to 100:1, it is being filtered.<br /><br />The route-map is being used as an export-map setting the export-target of Lo101 to be <br />100:55.  <br /><br />R6 is importing 100:1 in it's VPN_A VRF
  • The filter does occur on R5 or R4. R5 is to tag all the routes with 100:1, except for Base on the route-map VPN_A_EXPORT will be tag with 100:55. When these routes get reflected to R6. Based on the tag 100:55 for the route this route will get DENIED. You can see this on R6 using the command "debug bgp vpnv4 unicast in"

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