RFC5243 and OSPFv3 "N" and "O" route

Hi again. 

I was working on a topology in which two areas were connected to each other by two ABRs. one of these areas was configured as NSSA and one router in this area injected some external routes into OSPFv3 domain. while using both of the OSPFv3 IPv4 and IPv6, two ABRs choose to use "N" routes over "E" routes. I ran "no compatible rfc5243" command in IPv4 address family and managed to change the route selection process on "one router" (the ABR router that DOES NOT translate LSA type 7 to 5) so it selected E over N route. 

I tried to test the same behavior in OSPFv3 IPv6; the command was accepted but it did not affect the route selection behavior on the same router as it did for IPv4. I mean, both routers selected IPv6 N over E routes, despite the command "no compatible rfc5243". has someone tried this before?


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