Anyone using home phones to connect to rack through L2VPN these days?

I tried today and yesterday no luck. First time to use it. Trying to use the coracktest first to make sure it's working but no luck. here is what I get for ezvpn:

VPN#sh crypto ipsec client ezvpn 

Easy VPN Remote Phase: 8

Tunnel name : INECORACK

Inside interface list: Loopback0

Outside interface: GigabitEthernet0/0 

Current State: IPSEC_ACTIVE


Save Password: Allowed

Split Tunnel List: 1

       Address    :

       Mask       :

       Protocol   : 0x0

       Source Port: 0

       Dest Port  : 0

Current EzVPN Peer:


I can't ping either or the CUCM ip address from loopback0. Anyone using the L2VPN with rack rental these days. I sent ticket to support and haven't got response on my question yet.



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