routing between VRFs


I can route IPv4 traffic between VRFs by writing static routes on the router. but it seems this method don't work for IPv6 traffic. even my static IPv6 routes are not placed inside the VRF routing tables. any idea? 


  • Hi timaz,

    Just tried on cisco360 lab router the following

    R20#show run | in ipv6 route

    ipv6 route vrf r21 8888:15::/64 Ethernet0/2 nexthop-vrf r22

    Seems to work with limited testing.  IOS  Version 15.3(1.3)T

    I get a funky route entry:

    R20#show ipv6 route vrf r21

    IPv6 Routing Table - r21 - 5 entries


    S   8888:15::/64 [1/0]

         via Ethernet0/2%r22, directly connected  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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