CCNP VIRL files?



has anyone managed to create Cisco VIRL files for the CCNP switch and route labs? I'm having issues with not being able to match the same/correct interfaces.





  • I am wondering about this as well. Is the CCNP lab workbook built with VIRL in mind? With VIRL's IOSvL2 image I can only do 4 ports per group, for example 0/0 - 0/3 then 1/0 - 1/3 etc. Are the lab books written with this in mind? Are there VIRL topologies included? Just trying to make a purchasing descision.

  • The CCNP Lab Workbooks (ROUTE and SWITCH) are not based on VIRL or the CSRs.  Rather it is based on the topology we have available in our CCNA/CCNP Lab racks using real equipment.

  • You are correct that the CCNA/CCNP racks were created using the hardware we once had in the CCIEv4 racks.  However, to clarify:

    1. All of the switches in the CCNA/CCNP racks are 3560s.

    2. For doing any CCNA/CCNP labs, there is no benefit of using CSRv's versus real routers.  The combination of four routers and three switches in each CCNA/CCNP rack (not including the Backbone Router and Frame-Relay switch) are quite sufficient for doing any CCNA/CCNP labs.  

    As a matter of fact, those are the only racks I use when doing all of my demonstrations during my classes.  Even the CCIE-level topics I've taught (such as BGP, complex 802.1s MST labs, and...soon...MPLS) use those racks.

    The main benefit of using the CCIE racks are simply for topologies that require more than four routers but considering that each of the three switches can also double as a router you really have up to seven "routers" available to you in those racks.

    Hope that helps!


  • Hi:

    Where you or anyone else reading this able to replicate the INE CCP Workbook lab using VIRL?  I just bought the CCNP Workbook today.  Any hints or "gotcha's" that I should be aware of -- other than the g0/0 interface is reserved for simulation management and it cannot be used ?

    I plan to use if first for CCNP Switch.


  • I was unable to replicate with VIRL. I had to basicallly round up some 2811 routers, 3560 switches and round up a few network modules to simulate the environment. The NP Route workbook has serial interfaces which VIRL can't emulate. VIRL is good for other stuff, but that lab book was written on real gear. Thought it best not to re-invent the wheel.

  • GNS3 can do the serial connections. Use GNS3.

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