Hi all :

    iam prepairing to study CCNP (R&S)just for knowledge not for the cert so which one do you recommend ,,the Brian's or Keith?

iam really confused as i like both of them but i think that Brian is more advanced for me as a junior  and Keith is explaining in more details,


  • JoeMJoeM ✭✭✭

    Do you have an AAP subscription?  Watch both.

    For review, I watched Keith when he made these new videos.  He is good. I liked his approach of explaining things. 

    BrianM style is a little more direct and technical.  When he starts a video, he jumps right into the mucky-muck of the technnology. No wasted time on blah blah blah. (great for review).    But plan on pausing the videos a lot, because he packs a lot of information into his presentations.  In my opinion, he has the biggest bang-per-buck in the Cisco training market, for the amount of information in each video.  

    As for Keith, he was very enjoyable for me to listen to, even while I was studying for the CCIE.  Very good style.  I think INE hit a homerun getting him as an instructor, and I sent a note to INE about this.  Very good job on this series.

    summary:  watch both if you have an AAP subscription.     ;-)



  • 1st Thank you , i tottaly agree with you that INE has the best Cisco learning videos ,,and i like both of them i liked Keith videos for the CCNA he is nice and then i watched Brian old one on youtube i felt they are both great that is why i am confused  but now i think i will start with Brian and i hope i can watch Keith also :) !

  • Thank you

    I think iam  not Eligible for CCIE as i just finished the CCNA and iam not working on Cisco devices so i need just to warm up by CCNP ,,,,but i think i will try Brian 1st as i do not have enough time and  i think his course is  more summarized and abbreviated ,,,but after this do you think i should start with Keith or just jump to the CCIE level :)

  • Thank you for the valuable advice,,i used GNS also for the CCNA and it was great , also i started reading the books it is great ,i hope to finish it soon :)

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