JunOS Intro -- excellent for the Cisco trained

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Hats off to INE for the JunOS Intro course for Network Engineers (Cisco trained)

I needed to ramp-up on JunOS for a possible migration.  This series made it easy to transfer my understanding of the basic technologies (cisco studies) over to the JunOS structure and command-line.

BrianM went back-and-forth between the standard IOS command-line and the JunOS command-line, sometimes showing IOS-XR also.


Thanks.  Please keep these kind of videos coming for the AAP members.


Setup used for JunOS practice:

I was able to download a demo JunOS VM image for free from the Juniper website.

After I installed the VM in Virtual-Box, it was a simple installation into GNS3 as a VM.

With 8 gigs on my laptop, I easily loaded a few JunOS images (cloned) and built IGP networks for practice/testing.   


JunOS VM image vs IOS-vXR image

JunOS is a much lighter image to install than IOS-vXR (demo downloaded).     2gigs on harddrive + 1gig memory    I think I must have 3GB memory for a single XR vm image to come up. (please correct me if I am wrong about this).

Only initial problem with using either VM images, was configuring the virtual interfaces.   Again, JunOS was much easier to setup, once it was understood. 

But IOS-XR seems to reboot with unpredictable interfaces, very difficult to have a saved lab using multiple interfaces.  Finally, I just went with a single interface in XR and trunked it to a switch (INE style).


JunOS has a Stateful Firewall by default -- arrrggh (many hours lost on this)

This cost me many hours. I knew I had a security issue, but did not know how to disable it.  Finally BrianM explained the issue and the fix  @14 minutes of this video --     JunOS Ethernet Interfaces & Ethernet Switching :: Part 2

delete security

            ### following three commands changed from flow-based -- BrianM
set security forwarding-options family mpls  mode packet-based
set security forwarding-options family iso   mode packet-based
set security forwarding-options family inet6 mode packet-based
commit and-quit

            ### must reboot to have affect
request system reboot

Links for VM Installation:   I will need to look this up again.  Started at GNS3 forum.

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