Ping failure

My lab is with two 3725s connected through FE interface. The interface of one 3725 interface is configured with "switchport mode access" and the interface of opposite 3725 is configured in routing port with IP address. The switch port is bound to a vlan of which the IP is assigned for vlan interface. The ping between these 2 ports don't work. Do anyone know what problem?

  [[ROUTER SW2]]
  model = 3725
  console = 2012
  cnfg = c:Program FilesGNS3labSW2.cfg
  slot1 = NM-16ESW
  f1/15 = R4 f0/0          <<<<------------

  [[ROUTER R4]]
  model = 3725
  console = 2004
  cnfg = c:Program FilesGNS3labR4.cfg
  f0/0 = SW2 f1/15          <<<<----------------------

### SW2 ###

int f1/15
switchport mode access
switchport access vlan 48
no shut

int vlan 48
ip address

### R4 ###

int f0/0
ip address

Both port are in up state.


  • Since you haven't mentioned which two ports are in up state let me make a stupid assumption that vlan 48 wasn't created. Otherwise, all seems to be ok.

  • The VLAN 48 is also up other than both physical ports are up.

    On the other hand, I find the SW2 f1/15 is with output queue packet drop but the R4 f0/0 port's traffic is normal. Both ports are set with speed 100 and duplex full. The spanning tree status is in forwarding for SW2 port.

    Moreover I restart the dynamicIP and the ping is still failure.  Can anyone encounter same problem and how to rectify it? Thanks.

  • Honestly, I'm surprised your config even works. Dynagen hates it when you have redundant configuration like that. However, since you're using GNS3 for some reason, all bets are off... it may be able to handle it.

  • Another strange issue happens. RIPv2 is operated between R4 f0/0 and SW2 VLAN48 and adjacency can be formed. But ping cannot be echoed.

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