just wanted hear from the community


I just wanted wanted to hear opinions from the community.  I just took the INE full scale TS Lab 2 over the weekend and it took me more than 7 hours to finish it and worst I only got 7 out 10.

I just wanted to know if this is normal for starters or its way beyond the charts and I need to go back to basics?  :)





  • JoeMJoeM ✭✭✭

    Hi Jason,

    Don't worry about it, but review the technologies that slowed you down. Strengthen weaknesses for the next go-around.

    In my opinion, INE labs have always been more difficult and trickier than the real Lab Exam.  INE puts out quality labs.  But it is good to train harder than the real life test, right. ;-)

    • How can we streamline our TS process for each technology (especially core technologies)?  Trying to get as close to 1,2,3,solved (time) as possible for each technology.  This enhances our knowledge of how the pieces go together.
    • When we need specific information, what SHOW/DEBUG commands can we use?

    If you we these two things, every lab experience will boost our efficiency -- even if we are just reviewing what we think we know.   By the way, I don't think 7/10 is bad for the first time.  

    The real question, is did you learn anything? If so, the lab has big value.  Think about what technologies you need to get into a better comfort zone.    This will be on-going.  After doing some other labs, come back to this lab again.



  • Hi JoeM,

    Thanks for our valuable insight.

    Yes you are right I need to figure out how to streamline my TS skills better, same what my former CCIE colleaguea said that I need to frame my mind for the exam how it works since question are tricky.  Currently this is where im struggling because I usually jump to more complex solution and yet the answer is very simple liek ospf is in different area.

    Guess more practice can solve this.  Im really glad to to hear its normal to have the exam more than 7 hours, it made my day.

    By the way, if you think 7/10 is not bad for starters.  I forgot to mention after almost 4 hours in the practice lab and started to feel hopeless I stopped using Cisco Doc and started to use google instead and I guess it help more.




  • JoeMJoeM ✭✭✭

    Hi Jason,

    This was just my perspective about it.  I was a lot slower than the others in my group study.  I started having the same feeling as you did.  One of my study friends said bluntly, "You have to be honest with yourself about why..."  

    The only honest answers I could think for myself were:

    1.  I did not know the technology solid (still guessing a little)

    2.  I needed to streamline my TS approach (command effeciency)


    There is another constant theme.  Regardless of your time spent on the lab, be sure that you learned something.  These are the bricks that will build the road to success.

    One thing I will give you a lot of credit for, is your tenacity.  Few people will spend four hours in the CiscoDocs before going to a search engine (or the forum).  


    My recommendation is not to beat yourself up too much.    Go through the other labs, and then circle back around and do this lab again -- with more confidence.   Try to know the technology and the most direct SHOW/DEBUG commnads.  1,2,3 solved....move along to the next.

    Another thing that I think is beneficial for TS, is to treat every mistake in Config as an opportunity to do TS practice.  It is not uncommon to  see people come on the forum and ask for others to feed them the answer. Then after someone does the work for them, they will come back and say something like, "I deleted everything and redid it.  Now it works.  Don't know why. Oh well."      A lost opportunity for TS practice.   Time spent now solving mistakes (TS) will pay big dividends later.


    Others may have a different perspective or other ideas that will help you.  It would be interesting to hear how they found success with TS.  How did they streamline their TS process?


    Cheers and Good Luck.  You definitely have the tenacity to do this.  ;-)







  • Hi JoeM,

    Thanks so  much for your feedback i really do appreciate it.  I will work on my weak links.


    Hi Martinl,

    I did my CCNP long time ago, its the version doenst have TS (its was the 4 version module).

    Actually i thought about the TS videos if I need to purchase them since I only have the CCIE Practice bundle. However, for now I am watching the free vseminar TS from Brian Dennis probably it can be enough to save some money. :)


    Thanks and regards,


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