I want to connect IOU Web to physical network



for testing purpose only, I need to connect IOU Web switches to the physical netwrok.

I have seen an article talks about this but it did not work with me !!



I cannot ping between physical and virtual machines.



  • no there is not firewall,

  • thanks Maritinl for your reply,


    I installed IOU-Web on ESXi Server, will the configuration be the same ? because I do not see NAT option !!



    10:0/1 11:0/0

    10:0/2 12:0/0

    10:0/0 1023:0/0





























    the physical subnet is

    IOU-Web Eth-0 :

    IOU-Web Eth-1 :


    SW1 , SW2 , SW3 :



  • Dear Friends !

    i have 5 Interface in Computer and want to Connect IOU to one other interface but only it works on eth0 - eth1 for example i want that in same lab one router connect to real network (eth0) and another router connect to another interface, even to a loopback of my computer but i dont know how to connect a router to other interface
    only eth0 and eth1 works

    please help that how can i find eth2-5 number ?

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