Need Help |ip route solution|

Hi guys, i'm working on how to solve the fault with the best answer and not agains the rules


I need your help. I have an issue about ip route default. 

There is a fault about the gateway, because the gateway ip address is wrong.

The correct gateway ip address is

And i have 2 solution which are and with certain restriction

The restriction is :

Do not use any static routes, default routes, default networks, or policy routing unless otherwise specified.

Unless specified, do not remove any fault injected in the lab configuration such as ACL, PBR, route filtering, matric manipulation, etc. You must modify it in order to fix it.

1) no ip route

    ip route

2) ip route  255

    ip route


Which solutin is the correct according to the restriction guys? 



  • in both options you are break the rules I believe in the first but if you meant ip 


    1) no ip route

        ip route I would go with this one.


    not sure if ip route would be acceptable.

  • Thank you for your oppinion. [:D]. i'm sorry for the miss typing. i already edit it.

    But ip think ip route will create another issues.

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