Study Group - Raleigh/Cary/Apex Area - North Carolina

I'm looking to form a study group in the Raliegh/Cary/Apex area, in NC.  Im looking for people who are about 6 months from taking their lab test.  I recent took my test (fail) and will be refocusing my efforts on my lab strategy and troublshooting practice.



Feel free to contact me at [email protected]





  • I am ramping up for my next run at my lab test.


    Still looking to get a study group.  My work hours are 1:30-930pm EDT.  I am usually free to review lab material any time at work, or jump on any kind of shared session; provided I have enough lead time and not engage in an issue while at work.

    As an added bonus, if anyone is willing to help me secure my iou-web via ssl, I will be willing to set them up with their own iou-web server, hosted off my server, to use for the study group.  I will also give them access to as set of  CSRs (hosted off my esxi server) as part of my study group.  Due to security concerns, the CSRs can only be accessed via my keybox ssh site.


    Email me if interested.


    *** CSRs and iou-web is intended only to study for the CCIE ***

  • Need one more for study group.

  • Would this be online study group?

  • I have my down lab and did you want to do Mock lab release by INE for study group?

    I only want to do group session for Mock labs to share possible solution because you can have many solution for one problem.

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