EIGRP Key rotation - NTP caveat

just an FYI - from what I can discern thru doco and info - if u are using the CSR1000V lab setup, these boxes run NTP v4 and you could take up to 20 minutes for the clocks to sync - my NTP stat was ntp loopfilter state is 'FREQ' - (checking drift) on all my clients for about 15-20 min and it even took a while for R5 to say it's clock status was synced with the internal 127.127.x.x or whatever

Attempts to connect to the server at V2 or V3 didn't speed things up - when I updated the time near the end of the lab - I made sure to push out the same command to all 5 routers since I think it helps ntp when the local router timestamp is close to the server - I gave myself 5 min and it took about 2 min - I didn't remove and readd the ntp server commands cause they take 20 min

It's not a big deal other than it really had nothing to do with the core configuration the workbook was testing me on but when I came here - I saw no one had commented on it - there may be a workaround but as I'm focusing on the EIGRP core topics, I'll come back to it - I'll remember this turd 


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