RIPv2 Conditional Default Routing

In the Workbook we tie a prefix-list to the chosen loopback that we want to check if it is in our Routing table

 I had done a lab in GNS and when i tied the prefix-list to a connected route instead of a remote loopback my default route would not propagate?

 Can anyone suggest any reason for this? i would asume that it shouldn't matter if it is a connected route or a remote route since both are in the Routing table and valid?





  • JoeMJoeM ✭✭✭

    Hi Aleks,

    This will work. 

    Does your prefix-list match the actual subnet mask of the loopback?

    Is the interface up?  The interface that is being checked by the prefix-list. 


    If you cannot get it to work, post your related config,


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