BGP Route Reflector


It is not related to any LAB. It is just a general query regarding Route Reflector functinaltiy in BGP.

It is said that Route Reflector reflects the BGP (client/non-client/ebgp) route updates to another IBGP client or ebgp peer by default. Which split-horizon rule of BGP doesn't allow basically.

I know it is Originator ID and Cluster_list which help it in getting success in this operation. However, my query remains that what exactly is the "bit" or "code" which make it to avoid split horizon rule. May be it is route-reflector-client command which kick the bit off/on. But what exactly is that?

RFC - 2796 doesn't clear this concept thoroughly. I am looking for some detailed document on "route-reflector" functionaly of BGP.





  • Hi,

        As far as i understand, route-reflector does not "void" the split horizon.. if you have router B acting as RR for router A and C, B will only "reflect" routes learn from A to C but not back to A.  Route-Reflector is used to relax the rules whereby "iBGP learnt routes are not advertised to iBGP peers".  If you ask which command kick start the RR algorithm?  It has to be "neighbor xxx route-reflector-client"


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