Looking for CCIEs in the UK

If you are a CCIE and you live in the UK, looking for a change of company then keep reading.


Looking for people who know their stuff (I figured this is the right place [;)]) and who have their digits already - apologies to those still studying, I'm in the same boat myslf.


Head office is near Glasgow but not a big deal if you are based elsewhere. Role is working for Cisco VAR, providing professional services to our clients. Experience in working in technical or technical pre-sales capacity.


Interested? send me over a message.


If you are a paper/braindump CCIE (not sure why you would be on IEOC, but hey) then don't even bother as we will spot you a mile away and you will just waste everyone's time.

Must have a verifiable and active CCIE accreditation as this is required for our companies partner status. If you are almost there then just send me a message after you complete.


  • I can see glasgow not being too everyone's tastes. The goods news is the office is on the outskirts so you don't even have to go into glasgow!  :)


    Even better if you live miles away you can work from home. 

  • Glasgow!...who wants to move to Glasgow?



    just kidding, I am sure it is nice town Cool

    Town it's a city and its a great place - far less stuck up than the Scottish capital - Edinburgh.  I spent a year and a half working on the East side of Glasgow, so I have personal experience.  shame I don't have a number yet and live in God's Country - Wales! Only 1 hour by plane though!


  • Hi,


    I messaged you, please get in touch if there are still opportunities.




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