Admin: Please create forum section for Full Scale Lab 3

Admin: Please create forum section for Full Scale Lab 3


  • I think so to[:D]

  • JoeMJoeM ✭✭✭

    Agree very much.  Needed for all new labs.   and for AAP threads.

    Maybe send a support ticket to INE.  They usually respond quickly for this type of request.

  • I am not sure what the correct method is to submit this request. I opened a support case with [email protected]; however they directed me to post on the IEOC forum. We're receiving conflicting responses...

  • Err yes, this would be good and there's nothing yet...

    Just had to fix the longer prefixes issue in 6.2 Multicast connectivity to get the pings to respond and to stop a routing loop for the prefixes that are coming in from the VPNv4 solution via R3 when the route back to the multicast source should follow the MPBGP control plane.

    The solution, if you want to know was to make R3 provide an aggregate with no-summary.

    It works only if the RP is R10.  From R9 for example R3's BGP route would win over the iBGP from R10's (via R5's)

  • Hi, is there any admin that could create the forum? It is a pretty tricky lab, and i had the idea to comment variuous topics

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