do have a good reference for multicast routing on DMVPN?

yesterday night, i did a multicast fordwarding test on dmvpn by using V5 INE topology on GNS3. by capturing some packets, i found , it seemed like enapasolation on thunel interface is messy . i've seen

1. gre with the source of underlay ip (169.x.x.x)and dest with group address ( . 150.1.0.x---- inside

2. normal packet with 169.x.x.x

3. even seen ip +gre +IP + gre +ip  strange pakcets

but there is no spoke-spoke pakcet with  overlay 150.x.x.x to overlay 150.x.x.x


one thing  to garantee is that multicast never trigger spoke-spoke tunnel to be set up.


seems like nobody taught about this part of knowledge.





  • JoeMJoeM ✭✭✭

    I'll go down this rabbit-hole with you.  [:)]

    I am not really clear with what you are trying to say.  More information needed.  


    Show us a packet for each. Show us what you are talking about.  

    What are your DMVPN tunnel configs?  Phase?

    What is your test?  What are you trying to verify?


    If you post the gns3 lab (barebones), we can experiment with what you are trying to accomplish.

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