Good Morning everyone,

I am looking for some advice on bootcamps and since I have never attended one, I was hoping folks that have could comment on the matter and see if my logic makes sense.

I am looking into taking either the 12 days R&S bootcamp right before my exam or the TS bootcamp but I really cant decide which one would be better for me. I feel I am stronger at TS than I am config but I hear the TS is beast to take on. I can always get stronger in config as I continue to do the labs but at the same time my TS skills should also rise with understanding of the technology. So I am at a crossroads on this.


I was looking at taking the Oct 19-30 bootcamp in orlando and then taking my test the following week. Has anyone done this back to back approach and if so how do you feel that worked? BTW this will be my 1st attempt and I would really like to be able to do it one go. Lab exam plus bootcamp = $$$$.


Any input from the veterans on this would be greatly appreciated!!


  • If you want my opinion you can contact me at ; [email protected]

    I'd like to hear your opinions too.

  • TS is 5 days and Config is is 10 days

    Both are teached by Dave smith and I took the config bootcamp

    I remember  Dave smith said that feed back from student who took the exam said more student fail
    the shoot because not enought time and Cisco like to give you rabbit hole question to waste you time.

    Both tshoot and config bootcamp is online in INE website but you learn more in the bootcamp than watching vidoes.
    you are more focus and should take the bootcamp right before lab so everything will be refresh.

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