UCS B Series-SAN Design Question

Hi INE Community,

This is my first post on INE's Community Forum.  

I just completed Brian McGahan's CCNP UCS Data Center class and BTW it was excellent!!

My question is related to approved UCS Designs for the following components

5108 Chassis with (2) 2208 Fabric Extenders and (8) B200-M3-D Blades

(2) 6248 Fabric Extenders - FIA and FIB

(2) LAN Switches - LAN-SW-A and LAN-SW-B

(2) Nexus Switches

IOM - "A" connects to FIA

IOM - "B" connects to FIB

My questions are specific to Data traffic and not connections to the SAN.

Here is my question related Data traffic and connections between FIA and FIB to LAN-SW-A and LAN-SW-B

Can I connect FIA to LAN-SW-A and LAN-SW-B?

Can I connect FIB to LAN-SW-A and LAN-SW-B?

Or is the supported design where you can only connect FIA to LAN-SW-A and FIB to LAN-SW-B? 

I haven't seen design where the connections between the Fabric Interconnects and LAN is one to LAN-A and one to LAN-B.

Your help is appreciated

Thank you!



  • the answer for both of your questions, YES you can, also you can connect the FI-A to LAN-A and FI-B to LAN-B.

    the 2nd scenario is possible, however it is may be not the best practice. You will lose one of the main features of UCS and nexus switches which are consolidation and availability. if the upper stream switches are configured with vPC, each FI will be recognized as an orphan device and will be a single point of failure.

    Husain Al Yusuf

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