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I'm looking to change my career into IT industry. Just a brief background about me, I've got an Engineering degree in Computer Science (8-9 yrs. before) and then I've done Masters in Business Administration. I've got good experience (6-7yrs) in management but now it's the time, I think, to change my career to IT as I enjoy it alot. During my management career, I was also an IT & telecoms trainer (basic) for South of England for a company where I got majority of my experience. Please can someone guide me for this career change and answer the below questions,


1) As I've got basic knowledge of IT, what will be the better route to start my career (with min experience) in Networking Routing, switch & Security ?


2) Which certifications I can do to start with? CCNA Security or do I have to complete CCNA Routing and Switching as well?


3) What's the scope of these certifications for my career growth (Salary, experience, years) ?


4) Recommendation on mix (certifications) I can do, to boost my career growth.


Please advise me what will be the best route.


Thanks very much.


  • Hello! Congratulations and deepest sympathies on selecting IT for your career change!


    Let me start out by saying, if you are an experienced professional, which it looks like you are, you will have a difficult time getting a job to pay what you are used to starting out. My first job in IT was for around what I could make at a gas station. However, if you are a go-getter, you can move up quickly. I think most people would agree that your best bet is to start with CCNA R&S and try to get a job in a NOC. Study and lab every spare minute you have. Apply your skills at your NOC position and learn how/why things do the things that they do. Go to lunch with the senior people. Find a couple who really seem to know what's what and pick their brain, if they don't mind. No matter wht specialization yoVisit other forumsu get into, a solid foundation (CCNP) level of routing and switching will server you well. I regret not pursuing my routing and switching further before I moved into Voice. I am now backtracking to get up to speed and found I enjoy it quite a bit more.

    I can't speak for career opportunities/salaries in your area, but I can tell you that if you have your solid foundation of R&S and decide to specialize in it or another track, you will be well paid if you know your stuff (again, depending on the market there).

    Visit this forum for techical advice. I have learned a lot just browsing here daily. The instructors are great and are willing to guide you to the knowledge.

    Visit other forums and ask others' opinions. Networking professionals are a bunch of introverted nerds, but we have a strong online community, so take advantage!

  • As per your statements, I presume that you have basic understanding of networking as you are a computer engineer. So, the recommened way is to complete CCNA in routing & switching then work for an ISP as a level-1 support engineer. After 1-2 yrs of experience, you can go for CCNP certification. You can now choose your track based no your work area and interest. Additionally, if you want to master the networking technologies, it is not a recommended way to go for other certifications simultaniously. 


  • Thanks very much as it gave me real insight and info. I am currently in UK and experience in professional management (middle-senior management). Your post really helped me. 

  • peetypeety ✭✭✭

    I recommend you keep your certs in line with your practical experience. If you ignore them, you might get passed over for higher positions that match your abilities, even though you've got the skills for it. If you push too hard for certs that exceed your practical experience, you'll struggle to interview well, which could become a real hurdle in your search if word gets out.

    I'd personally suggest a foundation in routing & switching. Even if you don't end up doing R&S, a good foundation there will help almost any other certification route you take.

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