VLAN 1024 ?


Task 1.1 is asking us to configure f0/1 interface to meet this particular requirement :

SW1#show interfaces fastEthernet 0/1 switchport
Access Mode VLAN: 1024 (VLAN1024)

By doing switchport access vlan 1024, the system automatically creates 1024 vlan.

Later task asks us to configure VTP v3 and SW2 as the VLAN primary server for the domain. By doing this, vlan 1024 disappear in SW1 and if we run again the show switchport on f0/1 we now see :

SW1#show interfaces fastEthernet 0/1 switchport
Access Mode VLAN: 1024 (Inactive)

This breaks requirement of task 1.1 !

So, I guess we should take vlan 1024 into account in the rest of L2 tasks (VTP + tasks related to even VLAN) or the output in the subject shoud be modified accordingly ?




  • Friend,

    you need to get used to out of order questions Or you will have a rude awkening doing the real lab. Things like "configure with ospf" then 4 sections later "configure the overlapping vrf using process 100" but you already used 100 on the primary process. Now you have to back out all your ospf configs on a group of routers.


    Reaf the lab thoroughly before you configure anything.



  • This type of situation is possible in the lab. You need to keep track of what you've done in case some later requirement affects the earlier part of your lab. It may be worth it to you to skim through the entire lab at the beginning and make a few small notes on places where you'll need to go back and check things. You may even find that you can't satisfy one requirement until you get something else done much farther into the lab.

  • Hi,

    I fully agree. That's why I wrote this post. I think there is a problem here, either in the task 1.1 requirement for f0/1, or in the solution provided.

    While running this full scale lab, I had included vlan 1024 in next steps (configuring VTP, even vlan spanning-tree, etc..).



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