static entries in mac table

Why do I see static entries in the mac address table on my N6Ks? (They are not configured anywhere.)

A user device (Silex media converter) was "stuck" in the table as a static entry pointing to the vPC peer-link and wasn't being learned on the FEX port where the actual device was connected. A workaround was to configure a static mac entry for the FEX port (which enabled IP connectivity). Afterwards I removed the config for the static entry and the mac was dynamically learned as usual.

During troubleshooting I saw this error:

sh platform fwm errors | i abcd

[102] mac update: attempt to move a static address that is configured fixed (mac 0080.9262.abcd CDCE 0600.00be.0a1a vlan 1.500 if 0x1f9c0140 rem_if 0x0 cfg 0 fixed 0 sw if  0x160000 sw fixed 1 sw CDCE 0.00bc.0a02)

It seems clear there's an issue with static addresses but otherwise not too helpful (at least to me)

Where do these static entries come from? 

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